Bag in Box packaging

Bag in Box packaging

Packaging is intended for
one-time use.


In our bags comes to
creating a vacuum by pressing
on a specially patented tap,
which is a big advantage over the counter
other packaging.


The packaging is below the average
weight and volume of others
type of packaging intended for
same product. That’s why it’s necessary
significantly less space for
storage and transportation.

The content

Some of the content inside
same Bag and Box packaging,
(wine, oil, milk, water, eggs …


It’s blocked inside the packaging
oxygen breakthrough, you do not get to
oxidation, and this is prevented
development of microorganisms in
remaining unused


You do not need to palletize
Collecting cardboard boxes already
Bag in Box agree directly to
palette. As a result they appear
total lower manipulative costs.

Bag sizes: 3, 5, 10 and 20 lit

Bag in Boxs: bag (bag) + faucet, spin, faucet, (VITOP or other) + Box (box)

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